Numeric Keypad - New Features
The Numeric Keypad is an numeric / alpha numeric keypad for windows mobile and desktop development. The following features have been recently added and are available:
Keypad Scaled
Scaled Keypad for Touch Input
Key Pop
Keypad "Key Pop" Effect
Scalable Keypads
The Numeric Keypad now supports touch input with the support of scalable keypads.  Developers can scale the keypad to a size that allows a user to enter their data with their finger.
"Key Pop" Effect
When a keypad is scaled for touch input, a developer has an option to enable the Key Pop effect. This visual effect extends the key vertically and is designed to aid the user input while entering data.
Touch Mode
An optional feature that shows a toggle button that allows a user to expand the keypad for finger entry input.
Fixed Keypad
The Numeric Keypad was updated to support a fixed keypad that is shown at all times for input.
New Drop Down Button Style
A new Windows OS drop down button style has been added.